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"Hiring Ashlea and her team Was The Absolute Best Decision For Our Wedding"

Based in the beautiful southeast, where we are nothing close to ordinary. We create photographs and films that make every detail feel luxurious, casual and everything but simple. Working with the most incredible clients and planners around, we are able to make your wedding images portray everything of beauty, simplicity, balance, and grace. Our process is the definition of casual luxury using the most unique and intimate experience out there.

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We ADORE the Ashlea Snell and her team! Each time we work with them our experience, as well as our clients' experience is nothing short of stellar. They are quick to respond to messages, eager and excited to hear about plans, and they make the day so incredibly enjoyable for everyone involved. Not only is she an amazing and talented memory-preserver, but she is also the kind of person you want surrounding you with love and good vibes on your big day. Ashlea's contagious smile effortlessly erases any wedding day jitters, whether it be general anxiety or hesitation when it comes to posing. Her team is always punctual, efficient, and have never missed a gallery reveal deadline. We are very particular about the professionals that we associate our company with and especially those that we recommend to our clients - Ashlea Snell Photography is at the top of our list for all the right reasons. 

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“We couldn't be happier with Clover. It was truly an elegant experience from start to finish. We were treated like royalty.”

aria & declan

“Our pictures from Clover are breathtaking. I still can't believe that's actually us. What an incredible, once-in-a-lifetime experience”

michelle & robert