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I'm a hopeless romantic who finds great joy in creating and capturing connection and beauty wherever I go.

Total Enneagram 3, traveling often, and striving to show off the soft, glowing colors brought to life on digital & film. 

A true southern girl and wedding photographer, with a passion for bringing joy to couples on their special day. 

I’ve been running my own wedding business for over seven years now, but I’ve always been focused on great service. People are important to me and my life goal is to care, love and serve everyone I meet to the best of my ability! That’s why I call my wedding collections an ‘experience’ - it’s more than pictures on your wedding day.

With my southern charm, I can’t help but to keep your mom and dad in good care throughout the wedding day, and help your grandparents up the stairs during family photo time.

I actually take time to get to know my couples on a personal level so that you trust me to show up and deliver on your big day. My main goal is to assure both bride and groom that they don’t have to worry about gathering family to pose or finding locations, you can just relax and feel relieved that “Ashlea’s here, we’ll be taken care of”. 

I know there are so many great photographers out there. But I know you, you’re looking for THE photographer. You want to look back on your wedding day fondly, with memories of being taken care of and marrying the love of your life. I’m the photographer that will help you fix your dress throughout the day or grab you a glass of water (or wine!) if you’re in the receiving line and way too busy talking to grab one.

I’ve got you covered. You’re worthy of the best! 

I'm Ashlea

about me

Literally anything Mexican. Pico de Gallo and Guac are my (other) passions.


These guys. My husband, Tyler. Believe it or not, he's as hilarious as he is handsome. Then there is Elijah  and Carter, yes they are cutest little men you've just ever seen. 



Spending mornings with my sweet family and looking up flight deals (almost too much).



Buying too much espresso. Bing Watching shows on netflix, And really good afternoon nap (a mom can dream right?)

guilty pleasure


Lucerne, Switzerland with Paris as a close second. I also love Charleston... and anywhere in the Caribbean. 

places i've been



That moment when our grooms see their bride for the first time. It's priceless and I have to admit, I have shed some tears with them!

part of my job


my favorite things:

about you

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Our clients are full of joy, lovers of travel, with a taste for adventure and sea salt in their hair. 

You’ve been adding pins to your wedding board since you got engaged, planning all of the intricate details from the florals to the place settings. You’ve dreamt of your big day 100 times over and still get emotional thinking about the first look. 

I believe that you don’t just need those intimate, genuine pictures - you deserve them. 

With my team's help, we’ll capture all the little things about your wedding. The day is there for you to enjoy and it’ll be overwhelming to the senses. My team will go above and beyond to seal the details in time so that you can look back on them for years to come and treasure the little things. 
We are one step closer to making memories. 


I do believe the best way I can serve you and really portray your vision is by getting to know you! Let's get to know each other on the 'gram! 



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