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ABOUT ashlea and tyler

We are a husband and wife team who you can find sipping pina coladas on the the sunny shores of the Caribbean. 

ashlea's cup of choice is a rich cup of perfectly extracted espresso while you'll find tyler drinking sweet tea just as nonstop as a flight to london

It all started in the small town of Knoxville, Tennessee where they found each other in the college cafe and they haven't stop loving each other since. This business was founded with hard work, love and dedication for serving our clients. 

Ashlea and Tyler have learned over the past seven years to tag team in an incredible way to ensure their clients have every moment of the wedding day captured in the best way possible. Instead of just one lead shooter, they both help lead the wedding day with expertise and care. 

To the Snell's, their clients are not just another wedding to check off their list. Tyler and Ashlea take time to get to know how to serve their clients in the most intimate way, whether it is helping grandmother up the stairs or help to bustle your gown - they are there for every moment of the wedding day. 

Ashlea's strength is her welcoming personality. She doesn't know a stranger and has been known to smile, cry and laugh joyously with her clients during the wedding day. A moment won't go by where you won't see her beaming from ear to ear. 

Tyler's strength is his creative eye. He is always looking for those intimate, candid moments that you must have on your wedding day. He is better than Taylor Swift's bodyguard when it comes to your moments and is always there to lend a hand but make sure when your mom cries he's there to capture it. 

we are the snells

about us

Literally anything Mexican. Pico de Gallo and Guac are my (other) passions.


Our precious boys, Elijah  and Carter are the joy and life behind us. right behind, are our nieces and nephews. we love spending time with them. family is everything to us. 



Ashlea is an avid baker and is always baking in her freetime. you'll typically find tyler on the golf course anytime he has free. 



hoping on a quick flight to mexico or anywhere with a beach. we are travel - holics and we are always watching for where we want to travel next. 

guilty pleasures


Lucerne, Switzerland with Paris as a close second. 
You'll also find us near any location with a golf course, since tyler's addiction always brings us very close to one. 

places we've been



That moment clients see each other for the first time. It's priceless and you'll typically find Ashlea shedding tears behind her camera. 

part of our job


Our favorite things:

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