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Brianna & Jake | Waupaca, WI | Holiday Inn Plover


October 9, 2019


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I'm Ashlea and I'm so thrilled you're here! This blog a journal about my life, travels, weddings, and style. Stay a while and say hello!

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I remember waking up on October 5, 2019, and checking the weather for the 15,000 times. When I was on Facebook a couple of photographers had all posted and we were all talking about how it supposed to absolutely downpour all day long. Usually, we see that there’s like a break in the rain which is what everybody hopes for, but the radar was showing one little break and it was going to be during the time that we were going to do the first look with Jacob and Brianna. I wrote Brianna this morning and then I had mentioned a new plan plans that we could have as a backup plan and then we talked about the original plan that we had since we have umbrellas with us at every wedding. 

I feel like we got really lucky this year because of the fact that none of our weddings really rained which last year we had over 15 of our weddings that it rained at. I told Brianna and Jacob probably one of the most annoying things that you hear on her wedding day is, “Oh rain is good luck on your wedding day!” I always think that this is kind of a little excuse to try to make them feel good but I do feel like your relationship isn’t based on luck but definitely a choice to love each other. 

Rainy wedding days can be really beautiful. You get times that can be a little bit more intimate for bride and groom portraits just because nobody else wants to be standing outside in the rain while you’re taking photos. Which is really great in this case!

We arrived at the church that morning and started details. When we walked in we saw so many past Ashlea Snell Bride‘s we gave them all hugs and then we got to work! When we saw the flowers we knew that Brianna had made a awesome decision to go with the florist that she did here and Waupaca, Forever Flowers did a fantastic job! We were all complementing how the flowers just photograph so nicely at the reception when I showed them a sneak peek. It was really just something about them and I do think that the rain in the weather just made the colors pop so much more!! Another Detail that I absolutely loved was their dusty rose Bridesmaid dresses you don’t really see a lot of this color in the bridesmaid dresses and I really truly loved the color on every girl that wore it!! 

Thankfully they decided that they were going to do a first look and so right at 12:40 we headed over to Spencer Lake and met Jacob over there to do the bride and groom first look.  I am really truly thankful that we decided to do some of the bride and groom portraits beforehand just because the simple fact that it gave us so much more time to choose locations strategically to move around the rain. We didn’t do any other photos beforehand but I think that Brianna and Jacob would agree that this was probably one of the best decisions other than marrying each other that they made that day!!! We actually even found this dairy barn that you would’ve never guessed was a dairy barn it was absolutely beautiful architecture and Brianna really love the idea of standing in front have a beautiful building so I’m really thankful that we got that in!!

When it was time, their pastor performed a beautiful intimate ceremony for them! Almost a year ago Jacob had proposed to Brianna at the very same church that they got married it so I know that that was special for everybody that was there the day that he proposed and the day that they both said I do. 

We headed over to the University of Stevens Point because we had a lot of options for if it stopped raining and then also if it continued to rain there were a lot of indoor options. We were so lucky that there was a nice break in the rain just in time for us to get bridal party pictures!!!!! 

Although, It felt like a game because we kept picking up umbrellas and covering each other up so we didn’t get rained on when it decided to randomly sprinkle and also throwing them aside so we could get some beautiful portraits without umbrellas. 

Afterward, we all headed to the Holiday Inn Convention Center and we finished out the rest of the evening there. I’m so thankful that we were a part of Brianna and Jacob‘s wedding day it never gets old serving brides that you adore and just love so much! Brianna was one of those brides that makes everyone in the room smile so big just honestly for so many reasons. She’s so kind, genuine and caring. Jacob is hilarious, smooth and dapper and I’m so excited for them to start off married life with such a perfect day.

Rain can be a killer, but it truly is what you make it. We had the most beautiful day today, between portraits and just the people that Brianna and Jacob surrounded themselves with. Their friends and family made this day the best. It wasn’t the fact they got lucky with rain, they got lucky with each other and because of that we got incredible photos, and I know they had one of the best days of their lives. 

To Brianna & Jacob, I am SO happy for you two!!!!! 

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I'm Ashlea and I'm so thrilled you're here! This blog a journal about my life, travels, weddings, and style. Stay a while and say hello!

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