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Over a year ago, Danielle and I had the absolute pleasure of talking on the phone over a consultation. We both just CLICKED! She is a small business owner as well (Nennie’s Cookies!) and she is a teacher and LEGIT one of the sweetest, kindest souls on this planet! She truly is such a caring […]


June 29, 2020

Danielle & Steve | Intimate Wedding | Wisconsin Rapids, WI

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Oh my word you guys, this is like way at the top of some of my favorite sessions I have ever shot! When Christi was telling me her vision, she mentioned she and Tyler JUST finished remodeling their kitchen and really also wanted to remember their time in quarantine together! Christi is a wedding planner […]


May 28, 2020

Christi & Tyler | Couples Lifestyle

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I know this month has been tough on everyone. But more than anything this crisis has clarified what is most important in life. It’s not the things we work so hard to accumulate or our social status or accomplishment – it’s the people we love most. It’s human connection. So that got me thinking – […]


April 20, 2020


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*Disclaimer: This is my birth story! If you don’t find a liking to birth or birth stories I will tell you this is not the blog for you to read. To start off, my birth with our first, Elijah was very difficult. You can read more about it here so I won’t say much about […]


March 12, 2020

Carter Bennett’s Birth Story

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It was such a dream to photograph a wedding at the Olbrich Botanical Gardens in Madison, WI! Suzanne was one of the first brides to contact me and ask me if I could photograph her wedding! I was so excited to have a wedding booked, none the less in Madison! After the gorgeous outdoor ceremony […]

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June 24, 2016

Suzanne & Luke | Madison, WI

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This past Sunday, we left right after church with 5 Jrs & Srs to head all the way down to the beautiful beaches of… FLORIDA! Oh my word, lets just say, allll seven of us fell in LOVE! After visiting one of the colleges down there, we stayed in a suuuppper nice Hilton oceanfront hotel! […]


March 24, 2016

College Trip with our Seniors!