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May 1, 2021


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I'm Ashlea and I'm so thrilled you're here! This blog a journal about my life, travels, weddings, and style. Stay a while and say hello!

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I’m sure you came here to figure out how to elope to one of the most beautiful countries in the world. I’m so bias, but after our time in Europe travelling around, my heart just kept coming back to this beautiful country.

Switzerland has so much to offer, The Swiss Alps, beautiful lakes, wineries overlooking lakes, hotels and castles on hills, ski top helicopter ride weddings and seriously so much more.

We did all the searching for our bride when she told us “somewhere in Switzerland”. It was so hard to figure out where to start. Our research was nothing compared to going and actually finding out where to do the elopement.

Our team has it lucky, I personally helped my bride with her hair, makeup, creating flowers, planning her elopement, AND photographing it. My husband set up his video camera and over looking the town of Lucerne, he officiated the wedding of just the two of them, and the two of us.

I really did my fair share of research before going. They were flying right into Zurich and what I found is that Zurich is super touristy and not the feel that they were going for. She wanted a lake, the mountains and castles. Going more towards the italy border was close to a three hour train ride after the long travel getting to switzerland. My husband and I really started in Lake Geneva and although the land was stunning, it was definitely more the city side which again, wasn’t the thing they were wanting either. Our couple was headed on a two week tour after to Germany so they also didn’t want to get too far from Zurich as their train headed out from there.

After Lake Geneva we headed to Lucerne, they have a hotel which is the most famous in Switzerland and It LIVED up to the name. This hotel honestly would be a dream place for an elopement. With a hefty price of $59 USD per person up and then again back down and then you can stay at the top of the mountain (one of the highest in Switzerland) over night and be served a 4 course dinner, cocktails and breakfast. This runs around $500 a night on top of the price to come up. For the experience, my husband and I totally did it and let me tell you – WORTH the investment. WOW. It was so stunning.

The next day as the couple was flying in from the US, we toured around looking for the perfect place. Like I said, we ended up choosing Lucerne because it was only a 45 minute train ride from Zurich, there were castles, lakes AND the swiss alps overlooking the entire city. The view was just the most incredible thing I could ever describe.

My husband is a golfer, so we ended up finding a golf course that is open to the public and honestly we couldn’t image not doing that. The 9th hole overlooked the entire city of Lucerne and also had a stunning view of Mt. Pilatus and so many more mountains.

So all this to say, if you’re planning an elopement and you’re trying to figure out where, I want to encourage you :

  1. Bring your dream vendors to put this all together: whether it’s just you two, or a whole crew – you want this incredible event documented and documented WELL.
  2. There are so many amazing places in switzerland – narrow down what your vision is. Go to pinterest and find your vision and then made a mood board of what you want and photos you love.
  3. Figure out if you want a symbolic ceremony or just a US ceremony (bringing a US officiant)

I’m always here for you! If you’re planning an elopement anywhere, let me know and I’m more than happy to share all the knowledge of booking flights and finding locations over there in the beautiful country of Switzerland!

xo, Ashlea

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I'm Ashlea and I'm so thrilled you're here! This blog a journal about my life, travels, weddings, and style. Stay a while and say hello!

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