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Emily & Brett | Ledgestone Vineyards | Appleton, WI


October 1, 2019


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I'm Ashlea and I'm so thrilled you're here! This blog a journal about my life, travels, weddings, and style. Stay a while and say hello!

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Emily and Brett. 

I don’t even know where to start with these two! The first time that I met Brett and Emily I instantly fell in love with their super sweet personality and The extreme love and tender care that Brett showed to Emily.

Just within five minutes of meeting Brett and Emily, I knew that these two were destined to be together! They also showed up at their engagement session in the most perfect attire! She was wearing a very flowery flowy formal dress and he was wearing a super nice formal outfit and then also she had her horse and a flower crown! Talk about seriously perfect! She and Brett looked PERFECT!!! She had sent me many pictures up until the day of her wedding of small bits and pieces that she was getting together but nothing could seriously compare to when I showed up and saw all of the details and all of the small things that she put together and made her day so beautiful!

She did a lot of DIY things but you really would’ve never known because they were done so well. Speaking of the day of the wedding if feels like just yesterday that I showed up at the wedding that Saturday morning and The GPS had actually brought us to the wrong location (so we frantically put it in another GPS thank you Google maps  😏) and I texted Emily and said we were almost there she was just super chill and said oh my goodness I just can’t wait to see you take your time! We got there and we were greeted with a huge hug from Momma Berkin and also talking about mama Berkin she is the most precious mom ever! Down to literally making her daughter a dinner so she wouldn’t be hungry, and taking care of making sure that Emily’s cupcakes for the night were put away safely, it’s seriously these little things that just made the day so precious. 

So after Sarah and I did details we got to photograph the beautiful bride getting ready in her own house before we left for the Vineyard. Something that I told her mom that I really appreciated was that they were prints of photographs all over the house! From senior pictures to their wedding photos from years back, they were everywhere and I loved it!  It’s not often that you walk into a house anymore and you see photos all over the wall so I know that Brett and Emily‘s pictures will be preserved in prints and put on their mother’s wall one day. That is such an honor to think about.

So soon we left for the vineyards and we made it there to do some bride and bridesmaid photos. Before we did bride and bridesmaid photos we did a daddy-daughter first look. I told dad I said go ahead and get your tears ready but don’t cry yet… I am not even kidding you he started bawling! It was so sweet he started to giggle a little bit and he walked away from the camera because he did not want anybody to see him. 

I have never seen a dad gets so emotional and guys let me tell you what it was so sweet! 😭

We did the daddy-daughter first look and they both cried and enjoyed and soaked up every second of it as his first daughter was getting married! By the time that the ceremony had rolled around the rain had come and gone which we were thankful that it made a break in the rain the ceremony happened and all the friends and loved ones enjoyed their beautiful vows that they had written to one another. Then before dinner, we rush to do bride and groom pictures in the beautiful vineyard and then also did and finished bridal party photos!! Thankfully, oh goodness let me say that again THANKFULLY the rain held off!! Haha 

In the meantime, Jo from Witt and Co events was working so hard to set the tent up after the ceremony. When we got back over there it was beautiful and it was just Emily always envisioned! The night went on with such ease and they just had so much fun. What a perfect Friday for a wedding. 

Thank you to Brett and Emily for choosing me to be a part of your day!!!!! I truly loved to be a part and I’m so thankful the rain held off for us 🙂 

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I'm Ashlea and I'm so thrilled you're here! This blog a journal about my life, travels, weddings, and style. Stay a while and say hello!

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