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June 6, 2018


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I'm Ashlea and I'm so thrilled you're here! This blog a journal about my life, travels, weddings, and style. Stay a while and say hello!

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Back in January Hilary contacted me and mentioned to me her sweet father, Joe had just been diagnosed with Leukemia. As my heart was so torn for them (especially for Hilary) she asked if I would still be able to do the wedding if they had it in March at the hospital in case her father wasn’t doing well. I told her I had all of march available and that I’d be a phone call away. As Joe started chemo it was working fairly well, I hadn’t hear from Hilary so this was great news that June 2nd would still be taking place.

Fast forward to June 2nd, 2018. What a CHILLY day Saturday was. It was one of the funniest things because I walked outside and actually went back indoors before leaving for Wausau and put on a sweater dress and boots (yes! this is June in Wisconsin) Anyways, as we drove out to  the Wausau country club  I mentioned, “Today is going to be seriously so perfect! A perfect couple, a perfect venue, a perfect day!”

We got to the country club and met up with the amazing videographers, and we started detail shots. At the country club they have the cutest little bridal bungalo for the bride to get ready in, and it is just perfect. Soon enough Hilary was their and next thing you know it was time to put her gorgeous dress on.

A little thing about Hilary: I probably say this too much, and about all my brides because I do have the best brides – But, Hilary really is one of the sweetest ladies i’ve ever met. She has a radiant glow about her that is so regal. When I think of Hilary and Justin I definitely think of a power couple, these two seriously are already killing it at… life in general! These two are SO much fun, yet they (especially Hilary) have so much grace and poise. I loved sharing their big day with them, and I couldn’t of asked for a sweeter couple.

After she put her dress on, we went out to take the bridesmaid and bridal portraits! Oh my goodness, her bridesmaids dressed in all pastel pink were just to die for. They all were so beautiful! We went over and spent some time with the groom and groomsman, then Justin opened the letter Hilary gave to him and just cried. It was so precious. You can tell he just ADORES her. We went over and then captured Hilary reading Justin’s handwritten letter to her – okay cue all the tears! Yes, again more crying. These moments are too precious.

Probably my second to most favorite part of the day was this next part with her father. As I type this, I already have tears in my eyes, but Hilary walked up to her father and turned him around. My goodness, he had tears and just held his sweet princess. There were two of us photographers, and three videographers and we were all 5 crying at this point! Hilary’s dad mentioned he didn’t think he would have made it to this day. This was such a surreal moment. Hilary grabbed his hand and started walking with her dad and it was just a precious time.

Up next was the ceremony! My goodness, well it was cold… and also started to sprinkle. So we started with the outdoor ceremony and ended up cutting it short due to the absolute DOWNPOUR. . . not like “oh its sprinkling” no, like pouring rain. Some guests jumped up, while others threw their umbrellas in the air and were able to be their long enough for them to say I DO! Then, everyone quickly went inside 🙂

To say the least, Saturday may have rained, but it was so sweet. Everything about it went so so smoothly. Hilary and Justin and their “regalness” (is this even a word? probably not…) but they just smiled and laughed when it started pouring. They were such good sports.

I hope you enjoy looking on this sweet wedding day.

Hilary and Justin thank you so much for allowing me to be part of your perfect day. <3




Guys, the sweetest tears were shed right here! ^^

Be prepared for this Father First look!!!! 


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I'm Ashlea and I'm so thrilled you're here! This blog a journal about my life, travels, weddings, and style. Stay a while and say hello!

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