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January 9, 2019

Filed in: Weddings

When Jaclynn contacted me almost a year ago, and mentioned that they were planning a winter wedding of course my heart skipped a beat. If you have been following me for anytime, you KNOW I love snow, and winter. Growing up in the south we hardly EVER got snow! Anyways, so I was thrilled to death that she had a winter wedding in mind. We did their engagement photos a while back, which you can view here!  

When I woke up saturday January 5th, my weather app was saying it would be a high of 52. FIFTY TWO degrees in WISCONSIN in January. Lets just say I was shocked. What a PERFECT day. I went in to give sweet Jaclynn and hug and the girls were all just chilling and relaxing. I have to add in,  it’s always SO nice to walk in a room and see familiar faces at weddings! So, after I walked in and gave sweet Jackie a hug, we started shooting details! My goodness friends, Jaclynn’s florist had brought me a few little scraps from making the bouquet and I was SO extremely thankful! This made SUCH a difference in the detail photos! Ps. Brides, this is a such a simple thing to ask for, but sometimes brides don’t even think of it! Ask your florist if you can just have some small scraps for your photographer and I don’t think that anyone would say no! They make such a difference. Anyway, Jacklynn and Connor opted for a first look and you guys, if this blog does not tempt you to do a first look, I don’t know what will. We literally got 1 1/2 HOURS of Bride and groom photos!!!! This was INCREDIBLE. They both cried and got the tears over with, and hugged and they were ready to conquer the day. We literally got three hours worth of photos done BEFORE the ceremony. All Bride and groom photos were completely DONE by 3! ah! So so nice. Anyways, That was so nice to get done with the ceremony and just have family formals, and then head straight to cocktail hour. 

The whole day went by so so smooth, and they both enjoyed every second of it ( i could just tell their faces of pure joy and love throughout the evening!) But, I was just so so honored to be a part of their perfect winter (50 degree!!) wedding day! I hope you two are prepping for your Alaskan cruise, and enjoying every second of being married!!! Enjoy these!! <3

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