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Jenna & Derek | Appleton, WI | BRIDGEWOOD NEENAH

July 25, 2019

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I can’t even start to put into words how wonderful Jenna and Derek are. I remember sitting down with these two at Starbucks almost a year and a half ago and we seriously talked for two hours. We seriously all laughed so much and had such a great time I remember I did not want to leave! The only way I can even start to describe these two are a match made in heaven. From the moment I saw these two together, I couldn’t stop thinking of how perfect they were together! Whenever Derek talked, Jenna just smiled and stared at him and vise versa. It is so much fun to watch.

Their wedding day started out so smooth and I showed up and Jenna came to me and gave me the BIGGEST hug and said, “I have been so anxious but I am SO much better since you just got here!!” Oh my goodness, cue all the happy tears! For real, I can’t ask for better brides friends! She gave Sarah the biggest hug too, and we started on the gorgeous getting ready/famous robe shots of her girls and her dog of honor (seriously ya’ll – love this girl she had a DOG as one of her MOH!

We started to head over to the church and we actually got stopped at a draw bridge! Ah! I knew we were running short on time with details, so I told Sarah to quickly grab the details and I started shooting some ring shots in the car, on the Maid of Honors dress, on Sarah’s lap while waiting for the bridge to go back down. Talk about intense haha.

We got to the church and Jenna put her insanely gorgeous dress on. This dress was MADE for Jenna. It fit her like a glove and it couldn’t have looked better on anyone, I know it! She took a deep breath and went to do a first look with her dad. Of course, the pup came and joined them while sweet Jenna saw her dad and lost it. She cried and he hugged her. It was truly a precious and intimate daddy/daughter moment.

Then the ceremony started. The bridal party gleamed and the sweet puppy walked and licked everyone he knew going down the aisle of the church. Then Jenna and her dad started walking, Derek’s face LIT UP. He was just smiling from ear to ear. I know he was in awe of how gorgeous Jenna looked!

After they said their vows we enjoyed an evening filled with gorgeous coral colors and mini bunt cakes at the reception. The speeches that were given, left people in tears every time a new one was given. What a truly special evening.

Jenna and Derek, it was such an HONOR to photograph your day. I would do this over and over and over if I could. Sarah walked away at the end of the day and mentioned how much she loved working with them and that these two were probably one of the sweetest couples we’ve had. She laughed and said, “I know we say this a lot, but I mean like I really think these two are in the top ones!” It is so true. They are both so gentle and meek and so willing to try new things together. I’m so excited for your bright future and I am so honored to know you guys!

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