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Keaghan & Dan | Rock Garden in Greenbay, Wisconsin | WISCONSIN LUXURY WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER

November 9, 2018

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I think I just have to start off this blog by saying that I LOVE friday weddings. Seriously, there is just something about how fun and relaxed and intimate they are. Don’t get me wrong, saturday weddings just as much have my heart, but there is just something about shooting a friday wedding!

But anyways, I met with Keaghan way earlier this year and she told me that she would be having a November wedding and mentioned a little of how she and Dan met and all I kept thinking was I loved their story! They met when Keaghan was in high school playing softball and they ended up connecting and just being soulmates! The funny thing is I guess I never thought of Keaghan as a softball player. She is so meek, and classy and collected I just was shocked when she told me she played softball (considering I personally am TERRIFIED of softballs/ really anything coming at me! ha!) But as she started explaining her wedding vision to me, I kept wanting to hear more and more about her day!

The day in November FINALLY arrived! I got to the church and started shooting details – small tip right in here! The church secretary told Keaghan to put all her stuff (including her dress and all her details!!!) into a room and locked it! AH! When I got there and the gentleman there didn’t have a key… SO to say the least, make sure your dress and your details are secured BUT that you’ll have access at a certain time the next day. Thankfully the gentlemen called the secretary and she came and unlocked the door. The girls started arriving and oh my soul, did ULTA do a fantastic job on their hair and makeup! I was super impressed! Well, the girls started getting ready, and they put on their gorgeous dusty blue dresses, and waited in the room until Keaghan’s mother helped Her get into the dress. This was such a precious moment during the day. 

We went outside and somewhat froze, then we hurried and came inside for the ceremony! This was such a well done ceremony, but it was the sweetest thing watching Keaghan’s dad realize the candles for the unity candle wasn’t lit yet, so during one of the prayers he ran up and lit the candles. Such a fun thing to watch haha! Dad saves the day 🙂 They were pronounced man and wife and they were so so adorable doing so! 

Another favorite part of the day was that we took the entire bridal party on the side of the road to find some trees, and an older gentleman came over and asked what was going on – I told him that they just got married and we were trying to find some beautiful trees! He apparently dropped his wife off somewhere and came back, and told me that we could come to his house, because they have lots of color still! Oh my goodness, this man was a saint, we were SO glad he let us use his backyard!! Seriously, I told Keaghan, I was so so thankful for that sweet guy, she definitely thankful too!  

The entire day went on with a breeze, and everything was so so beautiful. Keaghan and Dan thank you both so so much for allowing me to be part of your beautiful november day! 

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