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Kelsey & Kyle | Simply Country Barn | Appleton, Wisconsin

June 6, 2019

Filed in: Weddings

Way more than a year ago, Kelsey was looking for a photographer. We sparked a conversation and started talking about her super cool style! Kelsey is a hair stylist (and yes she literally looked like a QUEEN on her wedding day!) But she was telling me about their proposal and how she had a pretty rough day at work… she proceeded to mention how Kyle knew it was a rough day so after he took her to lunch at Chili’s. Little did she know that the ring was in Kyle’s pocket at this time! They were leaving Chili’s and Kelsey kept thinking, “He is being so awkward!” He kept fidgeting at his pants pocket so she decided to literally in her words, word vomit. She said as a complete joke, “what are you going to propose or something” Which she normally always asks when he is acting weird. He gets out of the car and opened my door and just said “Well I guess now is the time that God choose” So he got down on his knees and proposed in the parking lot of Chili’s!

Okay so so cute! I feel like this proposal story is SO much just Kyle and Kelsey. They are truly BEST friends and just love every second of being together. She said she didn’t even care how the ceremony look, she knew she just wanted to marry Kyle. They just had a super relaxed perfect day and honestly I am SO thankful and I enjoyed myself 100% at their wedding!

Kelsey and Kyle I hope you had the BEST time in Michigan!! I can’t wait to see you two when you get back!!!! <3

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