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October 31, 2018

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Almost a year ago a previous lady messaged me and asked if I had a date in October available. Come to find out she was one of my brides best friends and I was SO excited I had her date open. She messaged me and told me she was Courtney’s maid of honor at the wedding I was going to be shooting in Mexico. Fast forward to this past April when I shot Courtney’s wedding in Mexico and got to know Mindy even more. Seriously she is such a sweetheart. She is all about her pearls and her red heels which literally got my heart skipping a beat since I LOVE my pearls. Literally in college, I heard once that I was referred to as the girl who wore pearls 24/7. Like they didn’t leave my neck. I actually worked at Chickfila in college and wore my pearl necklace and earrings to work all the time. It was seriously the best. Haha
Anyways, so Courtney, Mindy and I become friends Super quick and just clicked together!
I showed up on Friday to her wedding day at the Best Western Bridgewood Hotel in Neenah, and she was just getting her makeup on but she literally was glowing. Mindy definitely has a quiet, mature being about her and that’s seriously another thing I admire about her. She was marrying Jason, and he was bringing a sweet, handsome boy into the family. I told Jason later that day that Mindy will seriously be the best mom and wife and I was so happy for him. Obviously he was so thrilled for her to be joining them as well!
Their day went along just as planned, thankfully there wasn’t any rain (or snow!) for their wedding day. Just a little bit of wind, but I’m so thankful it died down towards the time of the ceremony. Fun fact, the wind was so strong prior to the wedding I told the girls to trust me, and to follow me into the pool area of the hotel! Guys, you wouldn’t believe me because these are some of my favorite shots! So thankful for my brides that seriously trust me so much with my locations! ❤️ but for real, I kept telling my second Sarah to yell if I was any closer to the pool. I was kinda nervous about falling in. Haha but I didn’t so that’s good!
The ceremony went on perfectly and we got to take bridal party and bride and groom photos out by their old cars. The tables were cute little car centerpieces and it was a very retro scene to it! These two were so cute. I was so thankful to sneak a photo with Courtney and Mindy at the end of the evening I’ll make sure and post the one we took in Mexico, and the one from Saturdaybelow!
Jason and Mindy, to many many years of happiness and love. I’m so thankful and so honored you asked me to be a part of capturing your perfect day!!

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  1. Penny M Young

    October 31st, 2018 at 2:02 am

    I LOVE these 🙂 Thank you Ashlea and Sarah 🙂

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