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Wisconsin Bride Magazine | Best of 2019 | WISCONSIN LUXURY WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER

January 7, 2019

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Hi There sweet Brides, friends, families, and future Ashlea Snell Brides, 

This award ceremony has passed through my feed three times now, since starting my photography journey. This February i’ll be celebrating my fourth year in business. I am shocked, honored and just thankful to be where I am today and i’m more honored that I have been blessed to have photographed my 69th wedding. Weddings are a HUGE deal. These days come and go and i’m the one that has the honor of documenting one of the most memorable day in a couples life. 

So that brings me to today. The Wisconsin Bride magazine is the most coveted wedding magazine here in Wisconsin. Its a pretty big deal. Now, to say I should even be nominated is so hard for me. I want to preface I am totally coming at this as humbly as possible. There are some absolutely incredible other photographers in Wisconsin. I know there are some much more experienced and seasoned than I am. BUT, i’m just simply asking that if you know me, and believe in me I want to ask a simple favor and that favor is just to vote for me for Wisconsin’s Best 2019. This would mean so so much to me. I may not even get enough votes to be nominated, and thats totally okay with me. This is the first  year in my business i’ve put aside so much and really wanted to try and win Wisconsin’s best. 

Thank you so so much for your consideration, I can’t thank you enough in advance. 

*A Note on Voting: At least six categories must be completed for your vote to count. Here are some of my dearest (and highly admired!) “friend-ors” if you just don’t know who to vote for! Votes can be casted here!

Bridal Shop: Victorian Bridal

Custom Dress Maker: Justin Alexander

Planner: Trillium Event Company, Willow and Wed

Florist: Branching out and Company

Calligraphy: Victoria Danielle Calligraphy

Videography: Forever Young Films

Best Desserts: To Di For

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